Scene Of Campus: International Education Week


Debra Amador is Sr. Administrative Assistant of St. Mary’s University, Center for International Programs.
She is director of the international education week, so she manages all events. There was a carnival in front of the bell tower. In the carnival, she supplies the international food.
She thinks international week is good chance for St.mary’s student and international student both, because they can share the experience and can have information about studying abroad.



Mandy by Ahmed Raban
Videography and Production by Jiheun Han

Ahmed Raban is a freshman financial major at St.Mary’s. He is from Saudi Arabia so he makes Arabic food, such as Mandy. He actually doesn’t like to cook, but he likes making food for his close friend.
Mandy was the first plate that he learned to make when he started cooking and he has background story about this dish.


The moments that fill our university.

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    Image 1(Han-best-02)

    : Mathew Keller who is in front of piano, plays piano in the university center lobby on Sep, 29th Tuesday. 

    Image 2(Han-best-03)

    : Mathew Keller plays song of Yiruma, using the piano, which is in the university center lobby on Sep 29th, Tuesday.

    Image 3(Han-best-01)

    : The hands are Andres Ovalle’s who is staff of the cafeteria. He is preparing omelet which one student ordered at the omelet corner of cafeteria on Sep 29th, Tuesday.

    Image 4(Han-best-05)

    : Andres Ovalle is making scramble egg in the cafeteria omelet corner on Sep, 29th, Tuesday.

    Image 5(Han-best-04)

    : Andres Ovalle is making scramble egg and talking with student in the cafeteria omelet corner on Sep, 29th, Tuesday. His fast hand is famous between students.


It came and fit my dream

I think this class was amazing chance to me. I am exchange student for 1 semester. I thought it is too short. So I wanted experience many different kinds of class in US. And actually there are not many production classes in Korea. So when I found Media Production 1, I’m very impressed and happy. But it was full already so at first, I was on the wait list. I couldn’t think that I can take the class. But I was so lucky and I got this.

By taking course, I can make many results. And, learning useful skill is one of the most things that I expect. And, I have interest in digital media. So the reality of digital media skill can be a base if my interest and dream. I don’t know what to do in future, but I think I will work in the area promoting and marketing with digital media and programming. So experience of this skill will be helpful for my career too. I can learn not only programs and producing skill but also can gain a sense of the production.

However, I worried my English listening and speaking. Because it can be a obstacle to take class. Sometimes I can’t understand professor’s word for preparing or assignment. That’s the why I’m so nerves when in the class. And the words that used in skills are not familiar. Or using programs are also my worry.

But, I am very happy to get my chance taking this class. The classes are my first thing and the last thing in STMU. Therefore this class and semester is very meaningful and helpful to me.