han-mugshotJiheun Han’s brief biography

Jiheun Han is an enthusiastic fusion person. She is junior in Sogang university in Seoul, South Korea. And exchange student in St. Mary’s university in Texas ,US on her 6th semester.
She graduated high school in 2013 and became university student in 2013 spring. Her major is communication.

When she became junior, she was vice-chairman of the advertisement club where she joined from sophomore. Because she liked advertisement studying and Public Relationship study. She didn’t get any trophy actually, but she participated in several advertisement contests, and it was very good experience for her. And she participated in data survey lab program for 6 months in 2014. The lab researches the 20’s. And the tasks were to find trends in 20’s and analyzed trends. It was the chance that she could realize the importance of the big data skills. Then she select Convergence software for her another major. Actually, she was interested in many methods. So she even made small radio pod cast broadcasting with her friends when she was high school student. So software major can help her to find another ways for communication.

Now, she wants to learn about many digital media area. She thinks convergence and fusion of many kinds can make new area of communication. That’s why she learned many things. So she just hopes that the things that she experienced can be another booster for her.

Jiheun Han lives in San Antonio, Texas.